Ask Me Anything!

Go on! Get involved and ask me anything, I'll do my best to respond honestly. Keep it clean!

Are there any shoots that you have been asked to do that you thought were strange or unusual ??

I did a shoot where I wore random different bits of household items, it was strange and unusual but was great fun to experiment with! I love having props to work with and this was great to learn what poses worked and what didn't.

Out of all the outfits you have worn for the many photoshoots you have done is there any that stand out that you really loved?

I did a shoot at the boardroom with sister of sinister and I had creative makeup and an amazing princess dress. it was an amazing shoot and I will always remember it.

what was your very first shoot experience like ??

My first shoot was very awkward! I didn't really know what I was doing with poses, lighting or what angles were best. It didn't really help that the photographer hadn't shot any models either so we were both a bit in the dark! Over time I like to think I have developed skills to know more about what I'm doing. Having said all of that, I did enjoy it otherwise I wouldn't still be doing it!

Funniest experience on a shoot?

I was in some sheer lingerie in a wooded area with a photographer and we were chatting away when a lady with her dog walked past. She quickly averted her eyes and was extremely flushed!

Another time I was just finishing up a shoot and my lift had come to pick me up When one of the other models working there that day came round the corner fully naked. She squealed and quickly grabbed the nearest blanket she could find! 

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