Rod1 said...

I had planned another shoot, but unfortunately this was cancelled due to the models illness and I was at a loose end. I had only joined Purpleport this week and I saw Elle's casting call, so got a last minute slot.

When Elle was notified of the booking she sent me a hello message and even though I responded late at night, she still took the opportunity to respond back to me that night.

Elle was a delight to work with, letting me try things with poses where some worked and some didn't. She was also very adept at anticipating my thought process and on many occasion moved in the way I was just about to ask her to.

I had booked a two hour slot, that went really fast as Elle made it really easy, unfortunately I had too many ideas and I didn't get all my ideas done. However, as someone who is just getting back into photography, I will be reflecting on what shots worked and what didn't and hopefully rebooking Elle in the future to build on our initial work.

Overall a good experience with a very nice person.

Catfish Studio said...

Elle arrived at the studio as the model for the very first studio day at Catfish Studio.

Communication and organisation of event was good between us. She arrived on time and brought many items of clothing, ready for any type of shoot.

I also had a shoot with her before the other photographers arrived. She is an outstanding model to work with. I don't believe it's even possible to take a bad picture of Elle. She's very comfortable in front of the camera, poses very well and understands direction too.

The other photographers had a great time shooting with her.

Elle had a good day here, and would absolutely love her to come back.

Chris J Adams said...

I had my first shoot with Elle today and what a great experience it was. She is a delight to work with coming up with a never ending variety of pose as well as taking direction very well. On top of that Elle is petite, beautiful and great company as well.

What more could you ask for?


My first shoot with the lovely Elle. Pre-comms were excellent and Elle was open to discuss wardrobe items as well as some of the ideas I had and wished to try. This was more of an experimental shoot, and have to say Elle was enthusiastic, as well as being friendly, and ensuring I had a cuppa within minutes of arriving. As would be expected with her experience, all she needed was guidelines and the poses went into play. Very attractive lady and a lovely shape; more petite than I'd imagined but that was perfect for the ideas today. Very much recommended and I'm sure there'll be another shoot before long. Mike

Bowtie David said...

I have just returned from the WPS studio Worksop having had a great shoot with this very pleasant and beautifully petite model

I am delighted with the pics . Elle works well with and without direction. She is a delight to work with, we laughed and joked our

way through the shoot, and ended up with some super results, I have no hesitation in recommending this young lady. I look forward to our next shoot.

stevegreg said...

Had a long awaited shoot wi this lovely lady yesterday.

Took a few portrait shots before heading out for a field of yellow flowers.

Weather was not as warm as expected but Ell braved the cold to get some lovely outdoor shots.

Back to the studio for some fashion and then experimental creative shots. Elle was wonderful to work with. Elle is very good whether left free to pose or to take direction. Very cooperative.

A lovely lady and a joy to work with.

Thanks Elle,


On Film Photography Studio said...

We invited Elle over for a test shoot yesterday & what a great model!

Her pre-shoot communication has been fantastic, as well as arriving on time & ready to shoot straight away.

Elle also has a great selection of outfits in her bag of tricks!

A great model with a very versatile look & an awesome work ethic.

We'll definitely be having Elle back at the studio soon!

jayjaytee said...

After an amazing first shoot with Elle a short while ago, we had our second shoot at her studio day at Barlow Studio, we had a 3 hour shoot, and again Elle provided me the opportunity to make fantastic looking images, basically being beautiful and very graceful in nature, makes shooting Elle so easy and a pleasurable with so many high quality images to edit, shall be definitely working with future projects with Elle.

Very Very Highly recommended, thanks Elle - Jared 🙂🙂🙂🙂

Brian Cooper Photography said...

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Elle yesterday and can see why she has received 59 positive references (out of 59) - soon to be 60!

Her pre-shoot communications were comprehensive, timely and FUN! and her arrival at the studio was predicted TO THE MINUTE!!

Elle is a delight to work with - great sense of humour (well, she laughed at my jokes at least), lovely personality, friendly, relaxed, easy going, comfortable with or without direction, and then there's her body...................

Wonderfully slim, beautiful face, gorgeous eyes and is able to switch between contemplative, serious, sexy, dramatic, glamorous, dreamy, innocent, at will. The sign of a true actress.

Whatever the quality of your portfolio, Elle is bound to enhance it, so, exactly what are you waiting for....................???

DrAC said...

Today has been a good day … indeed a great day. I have just returned from a photoshoot with ElleJ at her home. I was staying in a hotel in Derby and Elle’s husband gave me a lift to and from the hotel which saved me a lot of time and effort … that was really kind of him.

At their home, I was welcomed with cups of tea and given a tour to help me choose the best locations. The pre-planning had gone well and Elle had preselected a range of lingerie from my favorite pictures of her that I’d put on my website … she just left me to make the final selection.

Elle is an exceptionally beautiful model having a lovely face and wonderful figure. She was able to adopt a wide variety of poses in various lingerie sets and was adept at moving from pose to pose with little intervention from me. When I did ask for modifications, she responded instantly and perfectly.

I was also pleased to see that Elle had a wider variety of lingerie that some models I’d photographed, and was very pleased with the result. Another great aspect of Elle’s modeling was her ability to adopt a nice range of expressions … and she has a wonderful smile.

The session itself was excellent in terms of the level of communication; both about the shots and general chatting. Elle is a delightful person with a lovely personality (she has an arts and acting background) and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather work with. One of the best aspects of Elle is that she loves modeling; there’s no trace of embarrassment or awkwardness and that makes you feel at home and entirely comfortable.

Of course, I’d like to photograph Elle again and I would fully recommend her to all photographers at every level. However, you couldn’t imagine a better model for a beginner who needs a little more help and understanding.

Finally, when it came to pay, Elle calculated the time from the moment we started taking photographs (most models measure it from the moment you enter) and even offered me a lower rate because I’d contacted her a long time ago. How nice can you get?

jayjaytee said...

Elle came over to Loughborough for a day shoot, in the morning and at Map studio, and in the afternoon a couple of local location shoots. Elle worked very well all day, nothing is no trouble always happy and bubbly, Elle looked beautiful in her outfits, in the studio and on location, a very lovely lady, a very enjoyable shoot. Already book another shoot, and a another one in the near future.

Elle is very recommended to any photographer, thank you for for a great shoot Elle .

CallmeKev said...

Difficult to think of a more pleasant way of spending an Easter Friday than being in the company of Elle! She couldn't have been more welcoming as I arrived for a home shoot and we quickly set up and took a huge range of images.

Elle made my life easy as she flowed effortlessly from one pose to the next, each a work of art in it's own right. We chatted a lot, we laughed a lot too, and I allowed Elle to be as creative as she wanted to be. I could not be happier with the results!

Elle is a star and she really should be one of the busiest models around. Highly recommended by me!

Dave Bodey said...

Just had a great shoot with Elle at her home. This was a last minute hastily organised shoot after Elle's original photographer fell ill. I was met at the door with an offer of a cup of tea (which is always nice) and an invite to inspect the wardrobe of outfits for the shoot. Could only use natural light, but this was not a problem. Elle's home is neutrally decorated and the 2 back rooms we worked in had large windows that let in plenty of soft natural light.

Elle moved from pose to pose with very little or no direction needed from me and also with a wide variety of expressions including a smile that lit up the room.

We took the opportunity to discuss more shoots in the future including a model day that Elle will attending at Barlow on the 29th.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Elle to all photographers.

Ade Davies Photography said...

I had a shoot with Elle earlier this week and I can honestly say she is a great model. She was able to free pose easily and able to portray a good range when asked to. She is able also to show a great naturality and emotion and put her heart into every moment we were shooting.

She is very easy going and great to get along with.

I would recommend Elle to anyone who wanted to work with her.

AlanR said...

Shot with Elle at a day-long group shoot - where we each took turns to shoot on a 1 to 1 basis throughout the day. A lovely model, good humour, very obliging, worked tirelessly all day for everyone. I really enjoyed meeting and shooting with her and would recommend her to others. Thanks Elle (&D)

JGImages said...

Elle is a wonderful friendly model, with a lovely slim figure. Elle is very hard working and helpful when making arrangements. She brought a wide range of clothes and clever props, so she quickly took on different looks. I hope to shoot with Elle again soon.

SidekickPhoto said...

Had an amazing shoot with Elle and her super MUA friend.

Communication beforehand was top notch with Elle throwing some great ideas into the mix.

Even though this was my first real attempt at shooting with blacklight, it all went really well on the day and I cannot wait to share the final result.

Elle is easy to get along and have a laugh with and is completely at ease in front of the camera.

Cannot recommend Elle highly enough and hope to work with her again in the future.

Genius Lifestyle/ NGenius LTD said...

Elle! You Genius!

Such a pleasure finally working with Elle, Pre com was excellent and we were on the same page straight away we exchanged ideas and I believe the end result is going to look stunning!

Her presence in front of the camera is evident and she really tuned into what the photographer and myself the designer wanted.

I would recommend Elle to anyone who wants an assignment done well!

Melissa Alice said...

I worked on a shoot with Elle yesterday, Its very clear she has a lot of experience in modelling as she switched poses so easily and worked to a professional standard. Elle was great company, we got a long so well and planning to do a duo shoot, which I am very exited about.

100% recommend.

Ben19 said...

Today I took part in a group-shoot with Elle J, which was something of an experience. Two of the models couldn't make the shoot, so I was also photographing some of the shoot, using both my own camera, and another one. As both a model to work along side, and a photographic subject Elle is a natural, with poses, and facial expressions that supported the theme of the shoot. She is good company, and if you ever get the chance to work with her, take it.

Liathach said...

I recommend Elle J 100% to any photographer or artist!!!

Elle J was in my group shoot today. We were thrown a serious curveball right away when not one but TWO of the five models were, at the very last minute, unable to come along. In addition, I had underestimated the technical issues involved in what was my first studio shoot.

Despite that, as well as superb modelling, Elle J was so supportive and positive. None of us really knew each other - but Elle J's calm, encouraging and flexible attitude (as well as some technical advice!) helped us all work together as a highly effective team.

The result of all that was that we got some great pictures out of the shoot. Thanks Elle J - not only a beautiful and versatile model but a great team player.

Stuart Daffin said...

Thank you Elle and congratulations an image we created at Barlow Studio has just been accepted at Basingstoke National Photography Exhibition 2017. Always a pleasure to work with you .

Stuart Daffin LRPS AFIAP BPE3

KirstyJayne said...

I got to work with the fabulous Elle after she applied for a casting I put up looking for bridal models.

She did an absolutely stunning job and worked really well with the male model (Jon Bunting). She knew how to work with the gown and really just looked the part.

She knew her angles and posed herself beautifully but also took direction perfectly when the photographer had ideas for specific poses.

Thanks so much again Elle.

I highly recommend working with Elle and would love to work with her again in the future.

Stuart Daffin said...

Had yet anther great shoot with Elle for me she is amazing to work with all that you could wish for in a shoot , professional, confidant full of ideas but at the same time had quite a few laughs thank you Elle . Time just seems to fly , I found there was still lots to do even when we had finished .I have got a studio day booked with her , and we talking about another . Shoots with Elle are always something to look forward too, , thank you very much Elle .

Stuart Daffin LRPS AfIAP BPE3

Bob Richards Photography said...

This was my first and, hopefully, not last photoshoot with the lovely Elle. We met up at a group photoshoot at a studio and Elle performed professionally and competently for over hours, presenting some really classy and expressive poses. She is great fun and took direction well while self-directing on many of the scenarios. Elle did four costume changes and looked great in all of them. Well done, Elle, and thank you!

Nardo said...

Elle J was great to work with and I hope to work with her again. Great communication and no drama. She turned up on time and was ready to go. She seems like a natural at modeling and was very friendly. She was very confident to do art nude, took direction very well, and also posed on her own. Although her husband was with her, he was friendly and laid back and did not interfere with the shoot whatsoever. We had a good shoot and I got some fabulous shots. Thanks!

Stuart Daffin said...

Yesterday had a fantastic shot will Elle Good pre shoot communications, by the time we got on set both of us knew what we where doing , and after a very short time just knew we were on the same page I think .I found Elle intelligent, vibrant with out being over the top , very easy and fun to work with . For me Elle ticks all the boxes in the right place, and when you total it all up one word says it all stunning .Would I recommend Elle diffidently,I have more shoots booked with her, great model and lovey lady to work with.

Stuart Daffin LRPS AFIAP BPR3

adam-gizmo photography said...

had my very first shoot with elle, she is just an incredible person,, we had been talking before the shoot to get ideas together and she loved the ideas i was sending over and listened to every i came up with, she had a few ideas of her own... she came with a good selection of outfits for the ideas which was perfect,... she poses perfectly in front of the camera, we had such a good laugh and are already in talks to do more shoots in the future..

i would highly recommend elle 100%

Shelly said...

Our third shoot I think, top lady and we seem to click (no pun intended!)

We haven't left the confines of her house yet due to freezing cold weather and time restraints so boy we should have a blast when we can roam free

I can shoot so many style with this talented and very lovely lady and get top images (in my humble opinion) from them

Roll on Spring and a chance to run free and this space for more cracking pics

Thanks Elle x

Glasgowboy said...

I have had the pleasure of working with Elle and I really enjoyed my time working with her. She is so mature and professional when shooting. The time passed so quickly! I think I got some quality images of a wonderful model. I would highly recommend. Thanks Elle, we will shoot again very soon!

Studio Fifty Eight Ltd said...

Studio Fifty Eight had the absolute pleasure in seeing Elle in for her first studio day. Pre comms were amazing and we had talks up till she arrived so we knew 100% she was on the way. Arrived in loads of time with her Husband who was happy to stay in the make up home having some family free time lol. Elle did amazingly and the Photographers were so happy with her and the results they got. We are talking already to Elle coming back wish I hope won't be too long!! Thoroughly recommended by Myself and all the Photographers!! Thank you Elle for all your hard work!! Best regards Andy.

doc Martin said...

Elle was a delight to work with, a good mix of having her own ideas and following my suggestions.

She made no fuss despite the studio being 'rather chilly' or when I faffed.

She was also encouraging and helpful when I showed her our photos on my laptop.

Thank you, Elle, for a great shoot

Hope to work with you again

Mitch44 said...

I had an amazing shoot with Elle and would recommend her highly to anyone. Within 5 minutes of meeting Elle, any nerves or worries I had were dispensed with, leaving a calm but creative atmosphere.

Elle took on board what I wanted from the shoot and added to it giving me an excellent set of images to work from, she needs no direction, but will follow direction should you have a specific pose or idea you want to do or try.

Elle thank you for an amazing shoot and I look forward to many more.

MerlintheTog said...

I have just completed an absolutely fantastic shoot with Elle. For somebody that has under a year of experience, Elle has talent in abundance. I booked 4 hours and at first I was nervous that I would run out of ideas after half an hour. Am I glad I listened to Elle who had suggested that I should not worry. She was spot on, the time flew by and I really enjoyed myself (I hope Elle also had a good time). Elle is perhaps more stunning in real life than she appears on her portfolio. She is more than happy to contribute ideas and she listened very attentativly to try and interpret my ramblings. If you want to work with a petite model who radiates beauty from the inside out then you should work with Elle.

In our excellent pre shoot communications we had used a Pinterest board and we referred to it regularly during our shoot. I had set myself the objective of gaining more experience and leaving with at least one shot that both of us wanted to include in our portfolio's. From what we saw of the camera jpegs that objective has been achieved and surpassed.

I want to work with Elle again in 2017 and I hope she feels the same. Elle is a 🎆in the making. 2017 will be her year I am sure.

Jukeboxjohnnie said...

Was lucky enough to shoot with the fabulous Elle today at Worksop Studio, turned up looking stunning had a wonderful afternoon, Elle was very quick to pick up on ideas and try new things. Really cool expressions and lovely slim figure. So pleasant to chat to hope I didnt go on too much! Got a great bit of advice over a muscle problem for free too... Elle is just so classy got loads of very usable images really hope to book her again next year thanks Elle!

Amelie Alden. said...

Worked alongside Elle on a studio weekend at Sandon Studios, and would highly recommend her! As a person, Elle is lovely - really easy to chat to, relaxed, down to earth and great company. As a model, she has a real natural grace about her and a brilliant figure, and having seen her both au natural and in makeup, she has a naturally pretty face and beautiful clear skin. She is great with styling/makeup and transforms herself from a fresh natural look to a glamorous look without overdoing anything, she's really organised, brought a whole range of beautiful stuff, she's prompt, and is really dedicated as a model - despite a cold, getting up super early to make sure she was fully ready and even knocking the door of the sleepier, less morning-person model (me..) to wake her up Really enjoyed Elles company and working alongside her and would highly recommend her.

DavidBallard said...

I had a lovely shoot with Elle yesterday at Sandon Studio. Elle is a superb model as she has only been modelling for less than a year. We discussed several options and we achieved some wonderful images. I am really looking forward to working with her again in 2017. Thanks again Elle for a lovely shoot.

Sandon Studio said...

This was Elle's first studio weekend, and she approached it with a lot of enthusiasm, working hard to promote the event, and then giving the photographers good value for money by being ready on time and by working hard with them to achieve the images they wanted, many of which were being uploaded onto websites only hours after the shoots. Elle is very easy-going and personable, and has developed a good repertoire of poses. She is fast-becoming a very good model indeed,and we are pleased that she is able to come back fro another weekend with us next year.

Brian J McGowan said...

I had the pleasure and privilege of shooting with this lovely young lady today at Sandon Studios. Great pre shoot communications with Elle on several occasions before the shoot meant we had a great plan before the shoot so we could be really productive right from the start of shooting.

Elle is very professional, has a lovely personality and is very patient, she was also very helpful and enthusiastic all through the shoot and takes direction very well. Elle is also very keen to pick up any knowledge about photography and modelling.

I am thrilled with the images from todays shoot and look forward to working with this talented model again in the near future.

Very highly recommended. Brian.

skennama said...

Had a super shoot at Sandon Studio with Elle J .. It was our first shoot but in went like a dream The event was booked with Tony ( many thanks for your hospitality) Elle was a dream to work with . we had good pre -shoot comm's I think we produced creative images. We got on very well, I feel this will not be the only shoot we will do together. Many thanks Elle for two lovely hours in your company .its over in no time isn't it ! More images on PP over the next few days .. Great shoot Great studio. Ray H .

Ellenbrook Fine Art said...

Had a Fab shoot with Elle J Glen was unable to attend due to illness which i took over. Preped mood board prior with lots of comms and ideads shared between us all. Had a relaxed but proffesional shoot with Elle J capturing the style of what we all wanted from the shoot. Love to work with Elle J again and wish her all the luck.


Nicola & Glen

Ben London said...

My first shoot with Elle and it was smashing. We shot natural light portraits and full length lingerie by window light and got some great shots together. Elle is a wonderful model to work with, quite new to the modelling world but confident, enthusiastic and talented. She has a graceful style to her poses and a delicate look to her images which I love. We had a great time and a good laugh on this shoot, and I wished I’d booked her for longer. I’ll be working with Elle again in the New Year which I’m looking forward to. A lovely model and person, highly recommended!

Des Insley said...

Excellent pre shoot communication where we both shared ideas

Tea on arrival courtesy of Elle's mum 😊

A lovely young lady with a fabulous attitude and a very professional approach to modelling

Elle is a natural and posing was effortless

Highly recommended

Mark@WeTakeGreatPictures said...

I worked with Elle last weekend for the first time and hope it will not be the last! Elle was really patient with a disrupted MU session due to a cancellation. She was then a pure delight for my photographers to work with, as her lively sense of humour and engaging manner shone through on set too. She posed for long periods with good humour despite the cool temperature and worked very patiently for everyone to get the shot they wanted. Elle has a lovely poise and natural beauty that the camera loves and I look forward to working with her again. I have no reservations at all about fully and warmly recommending Elle.

Liathach said...

A great session with the stunningly beautiful Elle J.

Pre-shoot comms were very clear; location easy to find.

A warm welcome - some superb posing - and lot of art nude and head-and-shoulders portraits that I am delighted with!

A brilliant model that it was a pleasure to meet - and a real joy to work with.

I cannot recommend her enough. Fantastic.

Lee Cartwright Photography said...

Had a great little shoot with Elle. We worked on an autumn fashion theme, and despite rain and low light we were able to get some fairly decent shots. Elle is a lovely girl and is so professional, even with it being so cold she gave 100% to help make the shoot successful and brought a massive suitcase full of stuff! Communications were excellent both before and after the shoot. I would gladly work with Elle again

j.bunting said...

Me again I had my second shoot with Elle on Sunday a very cold autumn couple shoot

Such a professional model we had discussed ideas on Pinterest and made a moodboard

Elle is very polite easy to get along with a true pleasure to work with and hope to work with again soon


Amanda E said...

This was a duo shoot in the autumn leaves with Elle J & j bunting. We shot local to Elle J in a very pretty woodland setting which she had scouted prior to the shoot. Despite the cold Elle & Jon worked well together and we got some amazing shots with beautiful autumnal tones. Communications were excellent and on the day of the shoot Elle was ready and prepared before I arrived even though it was an early morning start on a Sunday! I really enjoyed working with Elle J and can thoroughly recommend her. I hope to work with her again soon. Thanks for choosing to work with me, Amanda

Shelly said...

I saw some images of Elle a month back and knew I had to shoot with her, she has an unconventional beauty, natural, soft and enchanting, ethereal, she has grace and a slender physique and is a dream to work with

She is an actor by profession and it shows she can establish a look , a mood when asked for one in order to get the right feel from a shot

From shy innocence to sexy vamp at an instants notice she is superb

I loved every minute of our shoot, it was fun relaxed but professional and in my opinion produced some cracking images

Second shoot in the planning stages and hopefully more to follow

Grab Elle quickly she has some top photographers after her already and she is getting booked up at an alarming rate

j.bunting said...

What a little gem!! What can I say i had a duo shoot with Elle on Sunday with a photographer she had chosen (orca photoghrphy) we had been planning the shoot for a while on Pinterest finding the best ideas we had a little story board to go off making the day go smoother very professional throughout the shoot such an pleasant polite woman to work with I would highly recommend Elle and would love to work with her again hopefully sometime soon

orca photography said...

Another wonderful shoot with Elle J the other day this time as a couple/duo style shoot. Elle J is a wonderful organiser, she arranged the second model around my shoot days and studio hire, e mailed me images of ideas days beforehand and had everything ready on the day for the shoot arriving early as before.

I tried to achieve as many of the ideas as possible made all the easier by Elle J and her positive attitude.

She really is a lovely person to work with and this shoot was really great.

ClickCam said...

Wow where do I start .. I knew that working with Elle was going to special from the pre-shoot communications, and boy Elle didn't disappoint in the slightest.


I arrived at Elle's home and was made to feel so welcome, I was offered tea/coffee, and the conversation flowed as we discussed which room and outfit to start with. Elle had plenty of her own outfits ready for the shoot and I had prepared some of my own also.

As mentioned by an OP, Elle is such a beautiful person both inside and out, a joy to be around and a complete pleasure to shoot with. Elle is completely competent with her poses and is totally comfortable with direction also.

This was my first shoot with Elle and I am certainly hoping that it won't be the last, I cannot recommend this lady highly enough, if you are looking for a very beautiful person that has everything in her locker, then look no further and book Elle straight away, you will NOT regret it.

Many thanks again for a great couple of hours Elle and for welcoming into your home, hope to work with you again soon.


Steve Wild Photography said...

Even before our shoot I knew that working with Elle was going to be good!! But I didn't realise quite how good, good was going to be! 

Talking with Elle in pre coms was great, she was so positive about all my idea’s and was more than happy to suggest some of her own!! When I arrived I was welcomed into her home, offered tea, and shown a large amount of outfits that had been got ready for our shoot.

Over the 4 hours that we spent together we shot many many outfits, each one was a pleasure. I really think it would be hard not to enjoy working with Elle. We stopped for chats throughout our shoot which shows how lovely and relaxed the day was.

Elle gives everything to a shoot, she’s always happy to try new things, and very passionate about what she does. She’s so professional in the way she works, she truly inspires you when you work with her. Then there's her looks, whether it's her beautiful eyes, her perfect body, or her incredible legs, she's got it all!! 

Elle is one of those models that you would drop everything to work with! We are already planning our future shoots, and i can’t wait. 

Without question, Elle is highly recommended from me, and if you haven't worked with her, then you should!

A truly beautiful person both inside and out and a joy to be around!

Thank you Elle for a great day and an amazing shoot x

Dave@YGP said...

Really enjoyed shooting with Elle today; she's a delight to be with and works hard to give everything you ask. And nobody should be put off by what she says about not being as flexible...... I really don't think her condition affected our shoot in any way.

Pre shoot communications were always spot on and responses were quick.

I'd love to shoot with her again if she has time, but I suspect she will be much in demand in the coming months.

I have no hesitation in recommending Elle to all and any photographers

thanks again

D & Yx

Brian Lewicki said...

I answered a casting that Elle put out and so pleased she accepted me as her photographer. Hair and make-up to a high standard and needed little to no direction as she anticipated just what was needed. The shoot was over too soon due to time constraints, I hope you ask me back Elle, we could definitely do more for your portfolio. Thoroughly recommended.

Garry Newton said...

Great first shoot with Elle, great model fantastic attitude, and fabulous figure. We did various sets and have got some fabulous images to edit.

Due to her training as an actress posing was effortless and exactly what was needed. Very much an effortless shoot . Highly recommended.

Redshoes said...

had a minnie shoot with Elle j, what can i say other then she is fantastic hard working and a lovely model to work with. she was on time had a full kitbag of lovely outfits, I would love to work more with Elle J and i am more then happy to recommended her to anyone xx sarah xx

Lizzie Bayliss Photography said...

I worked with Elle on a half day shoot at Sandon Studio. Elle was fantastic in her emails prior to the shoot, she was organised, articulate and concise in her emails. On arrival she was friendly, and arrived looking ready to shoot with lots of beautiful clothes and accessories, which suit her. She was friendly and easy going from the very start and her husband was very helpful on set, and sat quietly while we shot.

Elle is a stunning lady with a slender figure, flawless porcelain skin and youthful looks. Her big doe eyes and cute, elfin face make for wonderful images. My husband thought she was 18 when he first saw her! She poses beautifully having a natural awareness of her body, and also takes direction well. Elle's illness didn't affect our shoot at all, and she worked hard throughout the shoot, and was positive and enthusiastic about the images, suggesting interesting ideas she wanted to try.

The time flew by and I hope to work with Elle again soon, as I am very pleased with the results.

I can't recommend Elle highly enough, book her now, you won't regret it!


Marty Wild said...

Elle was on time for the shoot, good communication was kept right up to the day of the shoot. Elle looked fantastic. Elle enjoys posing if front of the Camera and puts maximum effort in the whole shoot we got some good work down. Very nice person with a 110% focus of what she wants to do. Hope to do a bluebell shoot in the woods at ollerton next year.

ChaosShotz said...

Elle and I had been planning this shoot for a while so I can say her pre-shoot comms were exemplary. We also had fabulous support from the MUA Louisa B also on PP - really elven-look she conjoured-up. Elle was a treat on the shoot.

We did some challenging shots in wet/slippery and high-up on walls and waterfalls. She posed really well and we had a lot of fun. We also had some ideas about returning to the site when there are fewer folk around to do a powerful waterfall shoot. Looking forward to that greatly.

So Elle is a great model - very quick to respond and keen to help,the TOG to get the shot they're after. Thoroughly recommend. Thanks Elle X

Greendale Images said...

I had a great shoot with Elle at her home. She was very well prepared with all the outfits we had discussed and her make-up was done brilliantly. We worked together well to use all the available space and nothing was too much trouble for Elle.

The pre-shoot communication was especially good. She was very prompt with replies and more than happy to discuss ideas. She even tried out make-up ideas for the shoot.

We got a great range of lovely images and I would recommend her to any other photographers.

orca photography said...

Elle is a delightful model with a lovely personality and she is so easy to photograph. She turned up to the studio on time with make up already done and a suitcase full of changes ready to shoot immediately. Elle changes quickly and is ready to shoot again before the kettle has boiled!

I'd happily recommend Elle to any photographers who want a model who works hard, changes quickly and doesn't complain at you messing about with lighting and technical issues. You can't fail to be impressed by her.

Bazzaj35 📸 said...

What a wonderful lady this is, Pre shoot communications were excellent and, all outfits were ready when i arrive and we decided the order of shooting, such a joy to work with, and a very elegant lady who knows what she wants from a shoot, I cant recommend Elle enough to any photographer who wnats a great model to produce great images without any effort at all, I am looking forwards to working with `Elle again in the very near future on another shoot project, Oh And matt makes a mean cup of tea so look forwards to that as well from this great host, Thanks again for today and good luck in your next shoot not as you will need it,

There is not enough praise to heap on this lady to do her justice :

Starfruit said...

I shot with Elle yesterday, a shoot booked a long time in advance with really good clear communication and planning in place. Elle had a clear idea of the type of photos she wanted, a range of suitable items to wear and also picked a great location, and on the day everything went really smoothly.

The shoot was very productive, getting through quite a variety fairly quickly. Elle is a lovely person, very easy to work with and really puts the effort in to get the shot right. She poses quite freely while also happy to take on board suggestions. While the ideas we tried may not have been the most physically demanding there was a good range of poses and the limitations she states she has didn't affect us at all.

I'd recommend Elle to other photographers and would be happy to shoot with her again.

Louisa.B said...

Another fantastic morning doing Elle's makeup for a wood elf theme shoot. We get on so well and she is such a lovely girl to be around! She's patient with me and is happy to sit for as long as it takes to do her makeup. Elle is always so happy with my work which gives me more confidence. Always a pleasure to work with Elle and 100% recommend her to anyone

SDfoto said...

Has a great shoot with Elle, what a lovely woman and great model. Communications were excellent before and after. Elle's husband is her chaperone and was a perfect chaperone, he basically was available if needed but almost invisible throughout the shoot, he is also a very nice guy. Would highly recommend and love to shoot with Elle again.

ChaosShotz said...

I've been discussing a series of shoot ideas with Elle for some time; her comms are clear and frequent. We decided to meet and discuss ideas and do a trial shoot with some Agent Provocateur lingerie I've bought for the shoot later this month. Elle was a delight to meet and work with - poses well, follows direction and is very comfortable in front of the camera. Looking forward to working lots more with this utterly gorgeous lady. Thanks Elle x

Louisa.B said...

Went to Elle's home for a practice makeup for a scheduled photoshoot and is an amazing person to work with! She just let me do my thing and loved the outcome. We got on really well and looking forward to working with her in the future.

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